Can I bring the kids?

Of course. They'll love Holey Moley. Under 18s are welcome at Holey Moley Auckland with adult accompaniment before 7pm. Unfortunately, no under 18s are permitted after these times due to liquor licence restrictions

Can I cancel or change my booking?

You can cancel but we’re unable to exchange times and dates. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any refunds.

Can I just turn up?

You can, but fun stuff sells out fast and we have a very limited number of walk-ins available. We advise booking in advance.

Can I wear my golf outfit from home?

Um. You absolutely can. In fact, we encourage it.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nah. Just bring your ticket. We’ll email it to you when you book. Print it if you have to, but we’re happy to scan it from your phone. Environmentally friendly and far less likely to be left at home.

How do I book?

Just click here and we’ll take you there right now.

How long does the golf stuff take?

Six shots maximum per hole. Rules are rules. This keeps the game going and stops you from embarrassing yourself too badly. A round of nine holes can take anywhere between 25–40 minutes.

Are Holey Moley Golf Pros available for lessons?

Holey Moley Golf Pros are only available as drinking partners upon request. Your shout.

Okay, let’s get to the point. Alcohol?

The rumours are true. We have a fully licensed cocktail bar and drinks cart at your service so you’re never left thirsty. Babyfaces and adultfaces alike will be asked for ID. Please drink and putt responsibly.

What forms of ID will you accept?

We accept New Zealand Drivers Licences, International Passports or +18 Haanz cards as valid forms of ID. If you don't have a valid form of ID on you, we will have to deny you access. And no-one wants that.

What can we do before and after the golf stuff?

Chill out, grab some grub and a drink or, you know, normal social interaction with your mates.

What if I wanna bring the whole squad?

Got a big group or company party planned? You can book a function for up to 16 people online. If you have more give us a call on 64 9887 4205 or fill in our Par-Tee enquiry form.

Why won’t your site let me book everyone in?

Uh oh. We’ve probably sold out of spots or there are fewer places left than you need. Please select another date/time.