Winter School Holidays

Swing back into action

We’re back for the school holidays. Yes!

You can finally escape the confines of your home and putt loose on the green. No more watching your kids perfect the TikTok dance or play yet another board game for hours on end.

Get out of the house and call us on 1300 727 833 to book your spot.

School Holiday Offer


Putt Loose with this 1.5 hour package of:

  • 9 holes of golf (or as many as your can get through)
  • 1 Standard beverage
  • 1 FREE Holey Moley visor for the kids

Table service only. Available before 4pm only.

Call 1300 727 833 to book


Your health and safety is our number one priority, so we’re upping our hygiene game and following all NZ government guidelines to make you feel safe while putting your stuff.

Kids Parties

Looking for the perfect Kids Birthday party idea?

Throw your caddy kid the best birthday party ever at Holey Moley!

With Mini Golf, kids party food and drinks, we can take care of all your needs on the day.

Learn more